Expensive gas and a huge cinnamon bun on the way to Whitehorse

Monday morning July 9 we were up at 8.30 and managed to get into the ferry lineup by 10:30. We had planned to see and do a lot more in Dawson city like the midnight dome, dredge tours and the paddlewheel graveyard but with the kids both getting sick Saturday and Joshua getting hurt Sunday we couldn't, So I went to the hardware store for a few tools to try and do a wheel alignment since I was still having issues with that but they didn't have what I needed. I bought a couple things to try and make do with but they weren't what I wanted and very expensive. $3 in the usa = $5in Edmonton = $15 in Dawson city... We didn't get out of town until after noon and had to make it 530km to our next campsite in Whitehorse while sightseeing along the way. I started looking for paved pullouts to check my wheel alignment but after quite a while realized that there was no such thing so changed my camber and toe settings in the dirt with a tape measure and 2 shelving brackets... The dri…

Hospital trip for Joshua in Dawson City

On Sunday July 8 we went to the E-free church in town but we were almost late because the ferry took 45 minutes. I don't know how the people who live here deal with it, I am not patient enough. After church we found that an rv park had gotten some ice so that was a relief that all our food wasn't going to go bad after all.  There was going to be a long ferry wait to get back to our campsite for lunch so Julie and the kids went on foot across the ferry and walked to the campsite while i waited around an hour to get on. They had started lunch by the time I got there with the car and I joined them. The kids were bored waiting for their second serving of lunch and Joshua ran down the steep hill from the picnic table to the trailer and couldn't slow himself down. Just as he got to the trailer he was moving faster than he could make his legs go and he went headlong into the side of our trailer, hitting his head on a piece of angle iron. He split his forehead wide open and was bl…

First day in Dawson City, gold panning competition.

Saterday July 7
 We got up at 9:30 because of how late it had gotten last night.  After breakfast, we headed back to Dawson City and had a half hour wait for the ferry. The town was really packed with people in for the gold panning competition which is an international event. We went to the museum first and looked in their train shed. There are three large engines there built for the mining tracks, and they were not even used for all that long. 
 We left that museum before we were finished and headed to Front Street, so I could sign up for the gold panning competition they were having and then we came back. This is a pretty great museum, the free short tours they have are really worth it, and they have one of their display rooms open, with the shelves under glass, so that you can see things that aren't on display currently. They had everything from ww1 guns to mammoth tusks to locomotives. 

  We went to the gold panning competition and watched the first heat of the event I entered.…

Top of the World Highway to Dawson City

Friday July 6
We slept till 8:20 because we were tired when we woke up to our alarm. Julie had a very hard time getting out of bed but we packed up our camp quickly and i got Shawn up to go get our free breakfast. I thought we could just grab it and go but it was a sit down thing while the hosts watched you eat... A marketing ploy to get the rest of the family that didn't win inside to buy breakfast. It was really good-2 huge sourdough pancakes, reindeer sausage and eggs. Shawn took forever to finish his because it was a big meal and he was distracted by everything going on in the building. It was $23 worth of breakfast but cost us quite a few hours of time- it was 10:30 before we left town. Julie and Joshua had our planned breakfast back at the campsite since there wasn't really anything on the menu that she could have with her dietary restrictions anyway.

The start of the top of the world highway was really steep right away. I turned onto it and couldn't get out of seco…