Port Hood, the aviation museum and learning about the Japanese invasion of Alaska in Anchorage

Thursday morning we didn't get out of bed until 9 but we were both still exhausted. The first thing I did was pump a whole bunch of grease in the 2 air cylinders I had previously drilled holes in and worked it around until they were working better. However while this fixed one problem it created another. It used to be the cylinders would leak on their way up but seal when fully extended because the pistons would seal against the top cap but now I had drilled holes in the top caps to get grease in and the one leaks very badly when fully extended. I threaded some wood screws into the holes which slowed it down but now once the cylinders are fully extended we can only put 2 solid posts in, then we have to pump some more air in before doing the second 2.
We didn't finish breakfast until after noon and left the campsite around 1 pm for the aviation museum in anchorage. The museum is in the largest seaplane base in the world- Port Hood. According to Wikipedia they see around 190 fl…

Visiting the Matanuska Glacier and getting turned out of Fort Richardson

In the morning I had to decide how to fix our lift system. I thought perhaps air was leaking past the piston seals faster than it could get out the top where the ram slides through the cylinder and positive pressure building up above the piston wasn't allowing the u-cups to seal. So I drove to a napa and bought some really expensive drill bits and drilled some holes in the top of the 2 worst air cylinders which would prevent any pressure buildup and allow me to get grease into the cylinders if that wasn't the problem. We let the trailer down and left 'the hub of Alaska' just after 11am, the road from there to Anchorage was quite nice. There was a mountain named gunsight mountain because it has a gunsight at the top.
We stopped at Matanuska Glacier which is the largest glacier in the USA accessible by car. it was quite the road to get there and it is on private property so you have to pay quite a bit to get in. We spent most of the afternoon here walking on the glacier…