Top of the World Highway to Dawson City

Friday July 6
We slept till 8:20 because we were tired when we woke up to our alarm. Julie had a very hard time getting out of bed but we packed up our camp quickly and i got Shawn up to go get our free breakfast. I thought we could just grab it and go but it was a sit down thing while the hosts watched you eat... A marketing ploy to get the rest of the family that didn't win inside to buy breakfast. It was really good-2 huge sourdough pancakes, reindeer sausage and eggs. Shawn took forever to finish his because it was a big meal and he was distracted by everything going on in the building. It was $23 worth of breakfast but cost us quite a few hours of time- it was 10:30 before we left town. Julie and Joshua had our planned breakfast back at the campsite since there wasn't really anything on the menu that she could have with her dietary restrictions anyway.

The start of the top of the world highway was really steep right away. I turned onto it and couldn't get out of seco…

Visiting Santa's house in North Pole Alaska in July

Thursday July 5 Ididn't sleep much last night, it rained all night and all morning so we slept in a bit. I got up and got groceries, ice and gas. It quit raining andJulie had just gotten up when i got back so we packed up the trailer, filled the gerry can with gas and left the gas station just before 11am.   We drove about 20min to the famous crepe shop in north poleAlaska and had crepes for breakfast. I had cream cheese and strawberry,Julie hadcheese-lessHawaiian, the kids had egg and cheese. Breakfast took an hour but was really, really good- i almostcouldn't finish mine, Julie was full and the kidscouldn't finish theirs even though we were all really hungry because it was getting close to noon before we got our food. It was a fun place too, the owners seemed to enjoy it and you got to watch them making your food.

We went to Santa's house after. Santa was there, just like he is every day of the year there. Its also basically a huge mall of Christmas decorations and gift…